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作品名 著者 発行年月 出版社
What Katy Did (Regent Classic)Susan Coolidge1953TheThames Publishing Co
What Katy did (Tales retold for younger readers)Susan Coolidge1964Golden Pleasure Books
What Katy DidSusan Coolidge1909Blackie
What Katy DidSusan Coolidge1950Dean & Son Ltd.
What Katy DidSusan CoolidgeLightning Source UK Ltd
CloverSusan Coolidge2012
What Katy Did At SchoolSusan Coolidge2013
すてきなケティ (ポプラ社文庫)クーリッジ, 山主 敏子, 青山 みるく, Susan Coolidge1986-11ポプラ社
すてきなケティの寮生活 (ポプラ社文庫)クーリッジ, 山主 敏子, 青山 みるく, Susan Coolidge1987-05ポプラ社
WHAT KATY DID AT SCHOOLSusan Coolidge1943Frederick Warne & Co Ltd.
What Katy Did at SchoolSusan CoolidgeLightning Source UK Ltd
What Katy did at school (Evergreen classics)Susan Coolidge1966Lutterworth P
すてきなケティのすてきな妹 (ポプラ社文庫)クーリッジ, 山主 敏子, 青山 みるく, Susan Coolidge1988-05ポプラ社
すてきなケティのすてきな旅行 (ポプラ社文庫)クーリッジ, 山主 敏子, 青山 みるく, Susan Coolidge1987-12ポプラ社
What Katy Did NextSusan Coolidge1968Bancroft
What Katy Did NextSusan Coolidge1958Blackie
What Katy Did NextSusan Coolidge1957Dean & Son Ltd
What Katy Did Next.Susan Coolidge1947London: Blackie 1947.
What Katy Did Next.Susan Coolidge1903London: Blackie 1903. (Blackies Library of Famous Books)
What Katy Did NextSusan Coolidge1945Blackie & Son Ltd
ケティ物語 少年少女世界名作全集 (13)クーリッジ, 山下 喬子, Susan Coolidge1995-02-01ぎょうせい
CloverSusan Coolidge1949Latimer House
CloverSusan Coolidge1949Latimer House
What Katy Did (Early readers-no.25)Susan Coolidge1960Spring Books
ケティ物語 (フラワーブックス (15))クーリッジ, Susan Coolidge, 岡本 浜江1983-08-01小学館
ケティー物語 (少女名作シリーズ 33)クーリッジ, 三木 澄子, 武部 本一郎, Susan Coolidge1973-09偕成社
In the High Valley - Being the fifth and last volume of the Katy Did SeriesSusan Coolidge2013
Letters of Jane Austen: Selected from ThSusan CoolidgeLightning Source UK Ltd
The Stories Trees TellSusan Coolidge2008
A Guernsey LilySusan CoolidgeLightning Source UK Ltd
A Little Country GirlSusan CoolidgeLightning Source UK Ltd